My hope is that as you scroll through the photos on my website you are able to see in my work the natural, organic beauty of raw and real life.   The life moments and family growth that is unique to all of us and the love that transpires as we pursue authentic relationships with those around us. There has always been one think I have been certain of with regard to my expression in photography and that is that REAL is beautiful to me. This is the way I see the world and this is also the way I capture it. Much like wildflowers. Wildflowers grow on their own.  They are delightfully beautiful without the primping of a floral designer arranging them with bows and adding dye to the water. They aren't perfect,  but they are beautiful in their own, unique way.  My desire as your photographer is to gather up the beauty that is there and tie it up with a bow to bless your family with the memories of this season of life.


A few other things.... 

I love what I do! I'm inspired by my own enjoyment of the simple things in life.  I adore kids and have the best husband and 8 kids on the planet! They are the joy of my life and my motivation for capturing families the way that I do.

I'm in love with the colors and textures of nature and that's why so many of my favorite photos are in the woods, fields, parks and streams. If you feel the same, we will make magic together!

I would say I'm a good fit for you as a photographer if you value simple, timeless, and meaningful photographs. I frequently have clients tell me that they had no idea how much they would treasure the photos I took when they weren't actually posing.  I strive for an environment where you can be yourself, where your kids are at ease and where the life that makes you who you is free to shine! Sure there are cranky toddlers in the world, and sometimes they decide to be cranky on family photo day, I promise, we will work together and it will be successful! In fact, hire me if you have cranky kids, I'm up for the challenge!

I will always try to keep things simple for you. This is why I offer mini sessions and custom portraiture. If you just need a few photos, I want you to have the option when you need it. If you want something a little more, I want to work with you to bring your vision to life. Have an event or a story to tell.... I'm here for you!

Thanks for taking a look around. I hope we can get to know each other!



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